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Mini-MBA for Strategic HR Professionals


This mini-MBA for HR Professionals is the first of its kind! The facilitator

is a Consultant and Practitioner of Strategic Business Management with various organizations around the Philippines and Asia. This vast experience complements his HR experience as well – thus being able to create a more realistic and value-driven Mini-MBA Strategic HR course.

Mini-MBA for Strategic HR Professionals: Essentials of Human Resource Management in the New Normal of Work

Friday, July 23, 2021
PART 1: 10:00 AM – 12:00 NN PHT
PART 2: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM PHT


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Webinar Description:

The challenges on business organizations to their HR teams have constantly been to level-up towards being more of strategic partners. However, to make this transition, the HR teams would need to realize the essentials of the functionalities of being intervenors of Personnel and Human Resources (HR).


Webinar Objectives:

The specific objectives of this unique fun-filled learning experience are:

• Understand clearly the essentials (not just the basics) of Human Relations as a functional department in organizations.
• Internalize the challenges faced by the HR teams in relations to the managing of people productivity relative to their responsibilities and positions.

Key Benefits

Key benefits from attending this e-learning masterclass:

By attending this webinar your organization will be able to:

• Discover key actions you can take to add value to your business;
• Understand how to create high performing organizations;
• Explore the importance of the employer brand;
• Understand how to prepare for organizational change; and
• Identify the leadership needs of your organization.

Webinar Outline

Module 1: HR Supervisors/Managers/Practitioners – Why A Mini-MBA for HR
(an insightful topic that creates the realization that HR should not just be a functional department but must relate to the dynamics of an organization – thus an MBA APPROACH)

Module 2: Changing Organizations Dynamics Demands For A Strategic HR Team
(clarity for the need of alignment between HR Plans with the strategic directions of the company – new insights towards a value-driven HR team)

Module 3: Three-Pronged Critical Pillars in Successful HR
(research findings that introduces a better perspective of the DNA or critical elements towards a success-driven human capital retention)

Module 4: Essence Of The Transitional Coverage Areas Of Strategic HR
(identification of the transitional and changing coverage and responsibilities of a Strategic HR approach)

Module 5: Creating an HR Professional Blueprint
(build an alignment thru an HR Professional Blueprint that dovetails with the organization’s targets and strategic directions)

Module 6: Personnel to HR to HRA to HRM: Transform Towards Strategic HR Productivity
(progressive development of the value proposition given by the HR team thru the years and moving towards the level of Strategic HR Productivity)

Module 7: Results-Driven Human Resource Administration Phase
(identification of the functions in HRA and the challenges that are faced to be more results-driven)

Module 8: Results-Driven Human Resource Management Phase
(identification of functions in HRM and the challenges that are faced to be more results-driven)

Module 9: Developing the Competencies of an HR Person
(with the pressure and stress that organizations and other departments cascade to the HR team , it becomes important to be able to identify the critical characteristic leading to the future results-driven HR team members)

Module 10: HR: Determining KRAs and KPIs From A Strategic Perspective
(how to identify and create the functional critical key areas of focus as well as the key indicators that would define the performance of a Strategic HR team)

Module 11: Process Development Of HR Policies and Procedures
(understand the framework and the processes involved towards creation of more relevant HR policies that would support the organizational objectives and directions)

Module 12: HR Job Assessment and Alignment From A Strategic Perspective
(inputs on conducting assessment of positions from a Strategic HR approach to support sustainability)

Module 13: HR Selection and Hiring From A Strategic Perspective
(new learnings and insights into better approaches in the talent selection process from a strategic view)

Module 14: HR Development of Training and Learning From A Strategic Perspective
(discussion of the components of training and development)

Module 15: HR Benefits Administration and Management From A Strategic Perspective
(additional inputs on how to improve this area relative to employee needs)

Additional details

Phone No: 0917-3257870

Location Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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