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Makita Hammer Drill 5/8 M0801M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Hammer Drill 5/8 M0801M SRP : 2,450.00 PROMO : 1,815.00 **Promo applicable.
1815 PHP

Makita Angle Grinder 4" M0910M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Angle Grinder 4" M0910M SRP : 2,245.00 PROMO : 1,650.00 **Promo applicable.
1650 PHP

Makita Angle Grinder M0920M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Angle Grinder M0920M SRP: 5,300.00 PROMO: 4,237.92 **Promo applicable in Manila Office.
4238 PHP

Makita Power Planer M1902

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Power Planer M1902 SRP : 3,905.00 PROMO : 3,615.00 **Promo applicable in.
3615 PHP

Makita Router M3600M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Router M3600M SRP : 8,250.00 PROMO : 6,665.00 **Promo applicable in Manila.
6665 PHP

Makita Trimmer M3700

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Trimmer M3700 SRP : 3,415.00 PROMO : 3,160.00 **Promo applicable in Manila.
3160 PHP

Makita Blower M4000M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Blower M4000M SRP : 2,657.00 PROMO : 2,435.00 **Promo applicable in Manila.
2435 PHP

Makita Jig Saw M4301M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Jig Saw M4301M SRP : 4,100.00 PROMO : 3,460.00 **Promo applicable in.
3460 PHP

Makita Circular Saw M5801M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Circular Saw M5801M SRP : 5,050.00 PROMO : 4,225.00 **Promo applicable in.
4225 PHP

Makita High Speed Drill M6500M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita High Speed Drill M6500M SRP : 2,003.00 PROMO : 1,470.00 **Promo applicable.
1470 PHP

Makita Demolition Hammer M8600M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Demolition Hammer M8600M SRP: 11,518.00 PROMO: 9,214.56 **Promo applicable in Manila Office.
9215 PHP

Makita Rotary Hammer M8700M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Rotary Hammer M8700M SRP: 6,976.80 PROMO: 5,581.44 **Promo applicable in Manila Office.
5581 PHP

Makita Angle Grinder M9000M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Angle Grinder M9000M SRP: 6,740.00 PROMO: 5,391.36 **Promo applicable in Manila Office.
5391 PHP

Makita Angle Grinder 5” M9002M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Angle Grinder 5” M9002M SRP: 4,440.00 PROMO: 3,745.00 **Promo applicable in Manila.
3745 PHP

Makita Finishing Sander M9200M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Finishing Sander M9200M SRP: 2,680.00 PROMO: 2,142.72 **Promo applicable in Manila Office.
2143 PHP

Makita Random Orbital Sander M9202M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Random Orbital Sander M9202M SRP:3,159.00 PROMO: 2, 527.20 **Promo applicable in Manila.
2527 PHP

Makita Belt Sander M9400M

Metropolitan Manila
Makita Belt Sander M9400M SRP: 8,407.80 PROMO: 6,726.24 **Promo applicable in Manila Office.
6726 PHP

Promate Powerstation 120

Metropolitan Manila
Promate Powerstation 120 SRP: 5,999.00 PROMO: 5,080.00 **Promo applicable in Manila Office Only**.
5080 PHP
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