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The Philippine Social Community Organizers and Developing Society or PHILSOCORDS aims to provide massive changes for the welfare of every Filipino. Every servant leaders and volunteers reaching out to less fortunate people in every locality, regardless of their race, to uplift their lives for sustainability, through empowerment, proper education, livelihood program, skills development training and employment.
For continuous development of PHILSOCORDS, the LOGO creation will help more distinguish the organization and its mission to the whole community. The LOGO symbolizes the wholeness of the organization and its impact to the Society.


SUN - The Sun symbolizes the Philippine Sun which represents the People's sovereignty and democracy. It also shows the vivid and vibrant direction of all members of the organization.

The TRI-PEOPLE - The TRI-PEOPLE with its Blue and Red combined colors represents the three people of the country, the Muslims, Christians and Lumad or Indigenous people ( e.g. Igorot, subanen and other native tribes). The TRI-PEOPLE will benefit the outcome of the establishments of the Organization. The RED & BLUE bicolor represents the country's pride of courage and patriotism in attaining the freedom , peace, truth and justice of the Philippines.

The CARING HANDS - The CARING HANDS symbolizes the responsive behavior of an Organizers and servant leaders who are willing to uplift the Tri people's lives of the Society through socio-economic development activities. Continuous trainings and empowerment will be handed over to all beneficiaries of the organization.In touch with local and international team builders.

The Acronym PHILSOCORDS - - The acronym PHILOSORDS stands for Philippines Social Community Organizers and Developing Society, imprinted in the ribbon showing its integrity to service and honor to inculcates legacy in the country.

Ms. Reynalda C. Oporto

The organization is now preparing the by laws but project is already productive under many type of orgazation headed by the author.Ms. Reynalda Oporto and companies.

Additional details

Phone No: 09212564654
Address: Mabuhay city ,Paliparan 3 Dasmarinas city Cavite

Location Valenzuela City, Valenzuela city, NCR, Philippines

About Reynalda Oporto

Oporto‘s international market has been bolstered with the iconic adventure unveiling blockbuster plans to open 24 service across Philippines in the next 10 years.

The latest Oporto OPORTO announcement comes after the chain secured a master franchise agreement with local partner OPORTO HOLDING GROUP OF COMPANY. The brand’s first store will open in the prime location of District 1,Dasmarinas city on July 16.

Operator Ms. Reynalda C. Oportosaid he was inspired to bring the brand to Cavite city after seeing Oporto’s success first-hand. The new master franchisee has been an avid Oporto fan since travelling to inter island Philippines to complete his studies, before returning to his homeland.

“I uncompleted my VCE and Bachelor of leberal education Universidad De Zamboanga and I feel a strong connection with tribal called services culture and people,” .

“I was a great fan of Oporto as a University student and when I think of Australia I think of Oporto. When I heard that Oporto were expanding internationally through Asia, I knew this was the business I’d been waiting for.”

Oporto’s international growth
The latest announcement solidifies Oporto’s international growth strategy and follows a string of global signings. Three international master agreements have been secured in the last 14 months, with Oporto Luzon following Visayas and Mindanao

Driving Oporto’s international growth, is a rising demand for chicken products in Asia. said Oporto’s brand offering fits perfectly within the Vietnamese food landscape, thanks to its mix of spice, vibrance and passion.

Flavour profile
“The flavour profile was right for our market. There is a rising demand (and consumption) for chicken across Philippines and Oporto is complementary to the businesses within our portfolio,”

, Oporto CEO agreed, revealing the Philippines expansion provided a further gateway to a new market of potential consumers.

“Philippines is an ideal market for Oporto with nearly 100 million people and more than 60 per cent in our core demographic of under 35,” said.

“Philippines is experiencing double digit growth in the retail and consumer sector and GDP has steadily grown at over 6 per cent. Consumers are urbanising and have an appreciation of quality food.”

Ms.Oporto said partnering with a master franchisee who was not only experienced in the region, but an advocate of the brand had simplified the newest stage in Oporto’s international growth strategy.

“We are truly excited to be working with Group who have a distinguished history of operating businesses in the country and we are delighted to be launching Oporto into this dynamic and growing market with them,” said.

Oporto global growth
Back home, Oporto is also forecasting an additional 20 plus restaurant openings in Philippines for FY20, along with one in Cavite , a second store in Manila and further Asian expansion.

Love the market food game and want a chicken chain of your own? Check out these fantastic franchise opportunities.

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